GDPR is here to stay! Is your organisation in control of the impacted processes?

| 22.02.2019

Are you aware of the risks in your organization? What kind of personal data do you own or do you process for others? Who has access to these personal data? Do you have a clear and quick overview of your situation (72hours)?

Often tools like Excel or SharePoint are used to cope with these questions but very quickly they do not satisfy the needs for 360° GDPR compliancy within an organization. That is why OMNINET has created the OMNIPRIVACY solution for 360° support of your internal GPDR processes (more information on OMNIPRIVACY).

OMNIPRIVACY is a user-friendly, cloud-based application that helps the DPO to maintain a complete overview of the procedures, processes, risks, and data processing of the GPDR-compliant company. Think about the management of the processing register by the different process owners and all related agreements but as about the privacy requests, data breaches and risk assessments.

Besides maintaining centralized control, it enables also to easily provide extensive reporting to all relevant parties and in the same way it helps the DPO to report to the CxO on all aspects of company compliance at any time.

OMNIPRIVACY was developed by OMNINET and is based on the OMNITRACKER business process platform.