In conversation with Pascal Vandermaelen, Senior Solution Consultant

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Hey Pascal, what do you think is exciting about the IT industry?

The IT industry is an industry that evolves rapidly and continuously. You don’t believe me? Well 15 years ago, most of us were still making telephone calls through landlines, listening to music stored on CD’s or MP3’s and watching series and movies through cable television services. Nowadays, most of us own a smartphone, we’re listening to music and watching series and movies through streaming services. The same applies to the software industry. Everyday new applications are released on the market and existing ones are improved with additional features and functionalities. We’re bound to evolve if we want to stay competitive on the market.

Why is OMNINET a perfect match for you?

OMNINET allows me to work for very different customer profiles/industries, sometimes even all in the same week. This provides me a with wide variety in my day to day job and I love it, because every customer has its own specificities and requirements.

What makes excellent consulting stand out?

Our goal as a consultant is to implement the requirements of the customer, as quickly but also as thoroughly as possible. If you manage to surpass the customers’ expectations, that’s when we speak of excellent consulting. It’s of course not always easy to achieve, but the personal reward you get when the customer makes it clear that he’s very happy with the delivered work, pushes you as a consultant to continue to improve your efforts.

In your opinion, what is good teamwork?

It’s nice to be able to count on colleagues when you’re unsure about how to do something. We’re often working alone on projects, unless the project’s scope and/or timing requires extra resources. That’s why its crucial and beneficial to pool our knowledge as best as possible, and to share that specific knowledge with others, in order for us to expand our competences.

Which characteristics define you?

I’m always eager to help and improve things. Whenever you need help or advice, I’ll do my best to make some time for you.

In which activity do you prosper?

Give me a complex requirement, let me analyze it and I will come up quickly with a nice solution. The more complex, the better. Writing a lot of code doesn’t scare me 😉

Which fun fact do you find particularly interesting?

Even though I’m not a big fan of flying, I have so far visited more than 20 countries including Malta, my wife’s home country, and Canada, a beautiful country where I could possibly see myself living in the future.

Thank you Pascal, for letting us get to know you better.

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