OMNITALK Self Service Portal 2022 04 28

Please note: This event will be in German language.

Open discussion: Self-service portal—user oriented and economical

On 28th April, 2022, from 10:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m., OMNINET offers exclusively for OMNITRACKER customers the opportunity to exchange views on how to use the OMNITRACKER Self-Service Portal as a “Single Point of Contact”.

Due to the high popularity of the topic self-service portal and "Single Point of Contact", we are offering all interested customers another appointment on 28th April.

With the Digital Roundtable OMNITALK we promote the dialog between and with our customers. Matthias Dietrich and Claudia Kurmayer will be available to answer your questions, offer suggestions and give all participants the possibility to exchange their experiences on how to use and optimize the self-service portal in the OMNITRACKER environment.

Matthias Dietrich and Claudia Kurmayer will guide you through the OMNITALK on April 28th, and thus enable a professional exchange of experiences about the self-service portal in OMNITRACKER systems.

Specifically, the following questions will serve as an introduction to the open discussion session:

  • How can your own service desk become more efficient?
  • How can an efficient initial ticket entry be accomplished?
  • How can a more intuitive operation within the self-service portal be achieved?

Another central issue is how to improve the positive experience of your users, for example, through mobile access, an intuitive user interface where central functions can be found easily, and the smoothest possible communication with the service desk.

At our OMNITALK, we always adapt the exact discussion content to the interests of the participants. We are therefore also looking forward to hearing your opinions and experiences on the self-service portal.

This offer is exclusively for our customers and is limited to a maximum of 10 people.

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About the OMNITRACKER Self-Service Portal

The OMNITRACKER Self-Service Portal enables employees and customers to access your company's services from any device and at any location and time. Directly in the browser, predefined workflows can be used to create tickets with minimal effort or to intuitively search a knowledge database, so that requests can be transmitted quickly or solutions can be found on one's own.

Role-based permissions and budget limits define an individually tailored list of services that users are allowed to access. A web store integration expands the functionality of the self-service portal so that services can be requested and products can be ordered.

Learn more about our self-service portal

We are looking forward to your participation and will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the OMNITALK discussion round at any time at