OMNITRACKER 11.4.101 | The New WebGateway officially released

Voit, Stefan | 18.09.2019
Release Banner 11.4.101 650x300

With the release of OMNITRACKER version 11.4.101, the new WebGateway 2.0 is now available for productive use.

The WebGateway 2.0 will be developed according to our step-by-step plan in parallel with the Classic WebGateway. With the currently released expansion level 1, you can already map the first use cases. By accomplishing level 3 (OMNITRACKER version 12.x), the new WebGateway 2.0 reaches the so-called feature parity. Reaching this expansion stage, you can switch completely from today's Classic WebGateway to the new WebGateway 2.0. Depending on the functions and interface elements used in your processes, an earlier conversion is possible. With expansion level 2 of the new WebGateway 2.0 (OMNITRACKER version 11.5.0) the use of self-service portals is possible.

The new WebGateway 2.0

User-focused UI

The user interface has been redefined from scratch, but OMNITRACKER is still recognizeable. The interface has been redesigned to help your users reach their goals faster and more efficiently.


No matter whether your users use a desktop PC, tablet or the smartphone: OMNITRACKER presents the interface of the new WebGateway 2.0 always optimally adapted to the respective screen size and input options on all devices.


With the new WebGateway 2.0 you can offer barrier-free access to your processes according to WCAG 2.1 Level AA.


Through a completely new architecture, your user experience can benefit from a performance increase of up to 50% compared to our Classic WebGateway (measured in standard use cases). The average amount of data exchanged between client and server was reduced to almost ¼, while the user interface reacted much faster and waiting times were reduced.

Further highlights of the OMNITRACKER version 11.4.101

Optimization Transaction Engine

Through further optimizations in the Transaction Engine (parallel writing in the database), the performance of the OMNITRACKER application server could be significantly increased in special scenarios.

Enhanced dynamic BPMN forms

The BPMN Engine comes up with some minor optimizations. Furthermore, the BPMN process overview is now also available to your users directly from dynamically generated forms with just one click.

Classic WebGateway

The Classic WebGateway has also been optimized. For example, your users can now save defined search combinations in a header search as filters.

Follow this link to visit the OMNINET Customer Portal.