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Aktuelle News

PDCA cycle

The PDCA cycle provides a concept for the structured improvement of corporate processes. It can be applied to all quality-relevant processes, for example in information security or in manufacturing of products. The objectives of the improvements are, among others, increased customer satisfaction, efficiency gains, and resilience against data loss or cyber attacks. The cycle is applied to comply with international standards.

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Version 12.4.0 officially released

OMNITRACKER version 12.4.0 is officially released and available for download. The focus of the version upgrade is the feature parity of OMNITRACKER Web Gateway 2, so that all features of the Classic Web Gateway are now also available in the new web client.

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Protection needs analysis | Professional article

Protection needs assessments are essential for efficient protection of all corporate assets—naturally, there is a strong overlap with asset management. Our authors show how organizations can reasonably cluster assets and assess their protection needs, what advantages this brings, and what requirements a software solution used for this purpose should fulfill.

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