„Energieausweis-Zentrale”: OMNINET Austria’s reference project in the field of customized development successfully relaunched

Voit, Stefan | 18.05.2022
Newseintrag Energieausweis Zentrale Vorarlberg Individualentwicklung OMNINET Austria GmbH

As part of the OMNINET group, OMNINET Austria GmbH is the official contact for the OMNITRACKER business process platform in Austria.

In addition, specialization in the field of Business Intelligence solutions, mobile business applications and the implementation of individual developments complement the solution portfolio of OMNINET.

At the beginning of the year, we celebrated the go-live of one of our reference projects in the area of individual development. This is the completely new development of the Energieausweis-Zentrale Vorarlberg (EAWZ). Since January 1st, 2022, 1,600 energy certificates have already been generated via the new platform (as of May 1st, 2022).

Background and more information on the project

In Vorarlberg, all energy certificates must be created via the state platform for energy certificates (BauG LGBl. Nr. 52/2001 as amended §21a).

This legal requirement supports the web-based application “Energieausweis-Zentrale Vorarlberg” www.eawz.at, in that it opens up the possibility for authorized natural or legal persons (energy certificate creators) to generate legally valid energy certificates (as PDF files) for Vorarlberg.

In addition, the EAWZ enables a wide variety of interested parties to obtain information about energy certificates and related topics, such as mapped key figures and legal circumstances. Evaluations are carried out for the purpose of further developing minimum requirements under building law, optimizing underlying calculation methods, advising interested customers, and as a monitoring tool for evaluating energy policy objectives.

In the first half of 2019, the office of the Vorarlberg state government issued a public (EU-wide) invitation to tender for a new implementation of the web application and started looking for a new partner.

The development team of OMNINET Austria GmbH was the best bidder in the tender and started working on this reference project in close content coordination with the EAWZ team from the Department of Energy and Climate Protection in the Department of General Economic Affairs (VIa).

The web application was developed based on PHP with the framework CakePHP.

Challenges and requirements of the project

  • Extensive CMS system for the administration of all articles, users, companies, help texts, etc. by the administrators of the Vorarlberg government
  • Rights and role concept for mapping different user groups
  • Implementation of a complex “XML parsing” functionality including storage in the database
  • Implementation of far-reaching calculations for the preparation of energy certificate data
  • Implementation of an intuitive wizard function for processing the energy certificates
  • Automated PDF generation of energy certificates
  • Interface implementation to connect parts of the existing internet platform (web service), as well as further internal and external services
  • Implementation of a third-party-free newsletter and survey module
  • Successful acceptance of an external security check (so-called penetration tests) on the basis of ÖNORM A 7700

Based on these requirements, a technically complex platform was developed and made available to all citizens in Vorarlberg as of January 1st, 2022.

The team of the development department at OMNINET Austria GmbH enjoyed the project very much and would like to thank all participants of the state of Vorarlberg , Austria, for the great cooperation!

The operation and ongoing development of the platform will continue to be carried out jointly in the future.

If you are also facing a similar digitization project or challenge, please feel free to contact us via email at sales@omninet.at.