Cocreate the future of OMNITRACKER: RFC rating starts on May 16th, 2022.

Voit, Stefan | 09.05.2022
Newskachel RFC Rating OMNITRACKER

OMNINET offers all customers the opportunity to influence the development roadmap for the OMNITRACKER platform directly. For this purpose, we are conducting our RFC rating this year. In so-called RFCs (Requests for Change), all ideas and requirements for the continual improvement of the OMNITRACKER platform are recorded within the OMNINET product development—regardless of whether these are created from our customers or from our own considerations, planning and internal product management.
The requirements documented in RFCs include changes or extensions to existing, as well as totally new features.

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Why is the rating done?

We receive daily impulses and ideas for new OMNITRACKER features from many committed customers and interested parties in discussions, projects or via support. In addition, OMNINET is constantly analyzing and discussing its own topics and requirements for the medium-term and long-term development of our all-in-one solution.

In order to prioritize and plan our product development in a customer-oriented manner and to reflect actual requirements, we ask our customers to participate in our RFC rating.

What is evaluated in the rating?

As part of the RFC rating, OMNINET presents a selection of possible future product ideas and features with a use case description and rough implementation concept, as well as—if relevant—a first graphic design draft. The selected features are either already part of our long-term roadmap or ideas that are not to be implemented at this stage but have already been requested frequently. The current RFC rating mainly influences the planning of OMNITRACKER versions 13.x; this means that the features with top ratings will—depending on their scope—be firmly scheduled for a version of release series 13.

How is the rating realized?

All OMNITRACKER customers with an active maintenance contract have a points account. The points are calculated directly from the volume of the maintenance contract, and they are updated annually. These points can be distributed to the individual features in any denomination—depending on the individual priority. Points are distributed anonymously.

Important note: The available points always apply to the entire company. You should consult within your team before awarding points in order to fully reflect your internal requirements prioritization.

The total amount of points (i.e., all points across all participating customers) that a feature receives thus directly determines the prioritization of that RFC within our development roadmap.

How do I get access to the RFC rating?

At the start of the voting period, all eligible participants (main contact persons of OMNITRACKER licenses with active maintenance contract) will receive a link to the rating via email. The login data of the support portal access will be used. The link can be passed on within the company and used by all persons who have a support portal access.

In which period is the rating possible?

The rating is expected to start on May 16th, 2022, and will be possible for approximately three weeks. With the start, all eligible participants will receive an email that also contains brief instructions.

When will the results be communicated?

All eligible persons will receive an email with the results approximately two weeks after the end of the rating. The detailed presentation of the results will take place at the OMNINET Customer Days 2022 (on September 21st to 22nd, 2022) as part of the presentation of the current roadmap.

Thanks for your participation. We are very excited about the results. Please take part and help us to adapt the OMNITRACKER all-in-one solution even better to your individual requirements.

Feel free to contact us via email at if you have any questions about the RFC rating.


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