OMNITRACKER 12.4.100 | Accessibility version

Voit, Stefan | 11.08.2023
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With this release, we focus on accessibility support for the OMNITRACKER Web Gateway 2 through specific implementation of new configuration options and application of testing measures.

Accessibility is important for users who require special support in the form of professional screen readers, special contrast and color schemes or alternative form displays in order to be able to use the applications without particular difficulty and basically without help of others.

As a technical guideline, we followed the standards and specifications of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (version WCAG 2.1 Level AA) published by the Web Accessibility Initiative. External consultants were consulted for technical evaluation and additional quality assurance measures throughout the development process.

With the specially provided configuration features as well as the optimization of all relevant controls of the OMNITRACKER web client interface, potential barriers for people in the area of

  • learning and reading disabilities, language barriers
  • color and other visual impairments
  • blindness, can be completely or partially

be technically eliminated. Furthermore, the continuous operability of the client interface via keyboard is supported.

Existing restrictions and limitations of the accessibility of the OMNITRACKER Web Gateway 2 are documented starting with the release documents of version 12.4.100, and in future, this documentation will be continuously updated within in the Web Gateway Help.

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