OMNITRACKER version 12.3.0 officially released

Voit, Stefan | 04.06.2022
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OMNITRACKER version 12.3.0 is officially released and available for download. This version focuses on the finalization of the OMNITRACKER WPF Administration Client, which eliminates the need to switch to the MFC Administration Client. In addition, several features have been reworked for better usability.

Enhancement and customization of the OMNITRACKER WPF Administration Client

  • Bundle file tool (new feature for faster and easier handling when exporting and importing packages)
  • Import/Export packages (among others: optional pre-check to detect conflicts and save their resolution already for import execution; additionally, an import progress bar was introduced)
  • Compare server configurations
  • Cross reference tool
  • Installed packages
  • Schema history

Details about the release of the new version can be found in the release notes, which are available in our OMNINET customer portal.

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