Joint live-session by OMNINET and baramundi on automated software distribution

Voit, Stefan | 31.05.2021
Newseintrag Kachel Live Session Baramundi OT 01

Please note: The live-session will be in German language.

OMNINET and baramundi will host a free live-session on June 8, 2021 from 10:00 am to 11:00 am on the topic:

Automated software distribution with OMNITRACKER.

The objective of the live-session is to present the advantages of an automated and centrally controlled software distribution. Participants will be shown how to implement this in OMNITRACKER and the seamlessly integrated baramundi Management Suite. In this way, distribution processes can be simplified and accelerated, which relieves the service desk, and thus saves resources.

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Specifically, the following actions are performed and explained in OMNITRACKER:

  • Triggering jobs for automated software deployment from incidents or service requests.
  • Triggering baramundi jobs directly in change management
  • Inventorying and transferring non-service CIs to the OMNITRACKER CMDB

The second part presents the technical implementation in the baramundi Management Suite:

  • Distributing Microsoft patches and 3rd-party patches to devices
  • Presentation of the self-service portal, which users can use to independently request software, and thus relieve the helpdesk of additional tasks
  • Excursus on centrally controlled software provision for mobile devices (company cell phones, tablets, etc.)
  • Simple and fast third-party system connection with the bConnect interface

We are looking forward to your participation and are always available at to answer any questions on the live-session.

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