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Kogler , Katrin | 19.01.2024
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The ANKÖ list of eligible companies® (LgU)—simple, transparent and fair

In Austria, public authorities have the opportunity to efficiently check and view the suitability of suppliers or bidding companies in the ANKÖ eligibility database—the so-called ANKÖ list of eligible companies® (LgU (ANKÖ-Liste geeigneter Unternehmen) for short). According to ANKÖ, more than 11,000 companies present themselves on this platform and are accessed over 100,000 times a year.

This suitability database is unique in Europe and has been recognized as best practice by the EU Commission. All proofs of suitability required by the Austrian Federal Procurement Act (“Bundesvergabegesetz”, BVergG) are collected and clearly presented in one place. This saves everyone involved a lot of time, money and frustration. ANKÖ's services thus make the procurement process simpler, efficient, more transparent and fairer.

Führungsbestätigung und ANKÖ-Firmencode der OMNINET Austria GmbH

A listing in the LgU® shows that everything is in working order at a company and signals readiness for public contracts. The ANKÖ management confirmation is an established sign in the procurement community for reputable companies interested in public contracts.

The ANKÖ company code is the only thing that clients need from the company to be audited. It is the key to all company data.

Get to know us better on the ANKÖ list:

  • The company code of OMNINET Austria GmbH is: 91648
  • The confirmation of management from 2024 can be viewed at this link (German language). The ANKÖ management confirmation provides legally binding proof that the company is included in the LgU®, i.e. in a list of eligible or qualified companies in accordance with the provisions of the BVergG 2006 and ÖNORM A 2050 for public contracting authorities.

What qualifies OMNINET as a competent and reputable supplier and contractor?

OMNINET is certified according to ISO standards and has been supplying certified and award-winning software products for over 25 years—100% made in Germany.

The main product OMNITRACKER is the industry-independent software solution for ITIL®4- and GDPR-compliant implementation of individual digitization strategies.

As an owner-managed company, we are only committed to our customers. Our primary goal is to offer them the highest quality products and services as well as first-class service.

As part of the OMNINET group, OMNINET Austria GmbH is the official contact for the OMNITRACKER business process platform in Austria. The Austrian subsidiary also offers its customers focused consulting and results-oriented implementation for holistic corporate management with the experience of over 450 consulting and implementation sprints in Business Intelligence projects.

The solution portfolio of OMNINET Austria includes

  • IT service management solutions solutions in accordance with ITIL®
  • Business Intelligence solutions
  • Implementation of individual developments
  • Mobile business process applications

What do we stand for?

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  • Our solution adapts to you, not the other way around.
  • Our solutions are as individual as our customers' requirements and can be adapted and rolled out quickly and easily.
  • Whether independently or with our support, we have developed our solution platform in such a way that individual requirements can be met and business processes can be adapted by anyone at any time.
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  • We are committed to the long-term stability of the company and our solutions in order to provide our customers with investment and planning security at all times.
  • All product decisions serve to provide the customer with a secure, stable and efficiently usable solution.
  • For more investment security, our solution platform is designed for long-term use. We ensure that the core system can continue to be used without restrictions with every release update. We call this release compatibility.
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  • Our highest goal is that our customers achieve their goals. This means that we aim to implement every project for our customers efficiently and effectively.
  • Our employees work with our customers on an equal footing.
  • We offer our customers transparency for our services and the expected result at any time.

Get in touch!

Contact us in a neutral way via ANKÖ list of eligible companies
or directly speak with our lokal experts in Austria.

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