Portrait / Interview in WIRTSCHAFTSFORUM.de with Michael Geyer, Managing Director of OMNINET

Voit, Stefan | 17.03.2020
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Individual workflows—automation also for medium-sized businesses

It is not surprising at all that OMNINET Software-, System- und Projektmanagementtechnik GmbH is one of the market-leading companies in its segment today. After all, it offers its customers a platform that represents not only IT service management but also other processes within a company. These workflows can be adapted to individual requirements in any manner. Since its foundation in 1995, the IT specialists from Eckental in Central Franconia have been continuously developing their product and opened it up for international markets.

 “Our OMNITRACKER platform offers the possibility to create any software application with little programming effort,” explains Michael Geyer, Managing Director of OMNINET Software-, System- und Projektmanagementtechnik GmbH. “It has been the center of our activities since the first version. Today, we can offer the platform both in the customer's data center and as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS).”

With OMNITRACKER, even workflows which were modeled with the process notation BPMN can now be transformed 'codeless' into software application logic and automated processes. Based on this platform, OMNINET offers various standard applications. These are based on the OMNITRACKER platform, not on a programming language, which allows customers to adapt these applications easily and without programming. They also remain release compatible. IT and enterprise service management, IT business processes (including project, application, lifecycle and IT compliance management) as well as non-IT applications are the three pillars of the standard applications.

OMNITRACKER Process Eco System

In 2019, OMNITRACKS, a purely cloud-based entry into the OMNITRACKER service solutions, expanded the portfolio. OMNITRACKS is intended for customers for whom OMNITRACKER currently seems too comprehensive. With OMNITRACKS, they can start without project effort and later easily switch to the OMNITRACKER platform. The transfer of the software to the cloud, as well as the mentioned introduction of Software-as-a-Service, represent an important step.



Growth at home and abroad

Dr. Joachim Lenzer founded OMNINET in 1995. Four years later brought the first OMNITRACKER version to the market. Between 2005 and 2009, the focus was on internationalization via subsidiaries. From 2011 onwards, the company also devoted itself more intensively to the search for cooperation and technology partners as well as the expansion of its domestic German locations.

Today, 170 employees generate a turnover of about 27 million EUR. Certifications and awards such as ISO 9001, the 2011 BiTMI seal of approval “Software 100% Made in Germany” and the “IT Innovation Award 2018” document the successful path.


“Today, OMNITRACKER is already used in almost every industry and for every company size.”


“So today, we are in the ideal situation of retaining our medium-sized corporate culture on the one hand and having the customer base of an international company on the other,” says a delighted Michael Geyer, who heads OMNINET GmbH ­– together with company founder Dr. Joachim Lenzer and his son Markus Lenzer – as Managing Director. “Our customer base comprises over 15 countries and can still be serviced regionally. We will definitely maintain this kind of sustainable growth.”


Expanding the non-IT Sector

“We are where our customers expect us to be and where we can offer 'best-in-class' solutions,” Michael Geyer describes the marketing approach. “In real terms, this is a mix of online and personal presence and a finger on the pulse of time.”

The managing director believes in an excellently positioned personalized sales department in customer relations and sales management. He emphasizes the great importance of a high-levelled technical and professional consulting competence of the sales staff. “Today, OMNITRACKER is already used in almost every industry and for every size of company,” Michael Geyer is pleased to say. “This breadth of the target group is extraordinary for standard software and therefore a unique selling proposition, which we will expand continuously.”

OMNINET's philosophy includes versatility at work and compatibility with the private environment of employees, while at the same time promoting productivity and entrepreneurial power. For the future too, the managing director’s self-imposed goal is to offer a software that makes it possible to relieve human workload and thus make it more effective by automating so-called standard tasks. “As next milestone, we want to use our workflow ecosystem to further expand the non-IT area,” he describes another goal.

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